Monday, January 10, 2011

Odd phone numbersandnoises

Okay, so I'm checking my phone to see who called me.
My mother called around 50 times.
Not surprising at all.
Work called twice and a telemarketer.
The number I find odd is this one.
If you can't see it, the number is:
am I the only one who thinks this is odd?

And of course right before I begin to start this blog my computer froze.
She's been doing a lot of that lately too.
Everything has.
My lights, my fridge, my TV.
I keep hearing it's because my apartment is really fucking old.
Well, it is. I lived here back when I was 3.
And then there is all these..
All day I've been hearing them. My guess is the people upstairs.
It's getting anoying.
It sounds like someone is moving around their furniture.
But it's all day.
And it was like this before I had all these bizarre blackouts.
The thumping, tapping, dragging...
It's enough to make a girl go a little..

You know?

Ah, anyway.
Being annoyed aside. While I have been watching re-runs of old sitcoms and drawing endlessly on my days off I realized I need people to talk to.

Oh well. It kind of is. People my age around here aren't really my..type? And most of my other friends..

I don't hear from them much anymore.

If anyone want's to chat in the wee hours of the night you might catch me on skype.


Add me if you want.


wake UP

I feel so weird.
The past few weeks feels like I was just in some kind of drug induced sleep, I wake up and my body is heavy an aches, my head is fuzzy, and I have no clue as to what happened.
I remember snippits of being awake, as I did have to work and eat, but they seem to be just quick memories and then I have these huge black out moments where when I come too I hurt like a rabid animal was trying to eat me, and I have no clue why I should feel like that.

Whats going on with me.
smoke, need a smoke..
So within my blackout daze, I have somehow acquired two lighters (green and purple), three new packs of smokes, (so obviously I was taking care of myself) and four...

Also, my "G" key is missing.
Just gone.

And you have NO IDEA how hard it is to type without it.
I have to press down on the missing area to get anything.
I hate it.

So yes, if anyone see's a "G" from a macbook pro floating around.
Send it back my way?