Monday, January 3, 2011


I return.
And I apologize.
To who I have no clue, I think I have two followers.
Really I just thought I'd be keeping a personal journal to myself at this point.
Anyway, for my two followers, I give you this.

It was weird, I was sitting on my bed, smoking. I thought I felt something touch me lightly but I didn't freak out.
Not that time.
I was starting a new blog about my computer acting up on me and the odd..
And something flicked my ear.
I freaked.
I flailed around and looked around, I posted that because I wanted too. (really i have no clue why, i just did.)

I've been trying to connect to the internet for a while, but the damn thing has been acting like an emotional pre-teen girl.
Everything will be fine one minute, then you do something and the claws come out and your left wondering, why?
But the TV and the lights have been doing that too.
I can't say wind or rain, because it's been pretty calm the past few days..
There's been no tapping, or knocking though.

I'm okay right?

Alright, I need a smoke, some coffee and and idea of something to draw.
I'm not sleeping tonight it seems.


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