Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Again with this

I have work in six hours. What did I decide to do?
Have one of those nights where I can't sleep.


I don't even know what does it anymore. I could be slowly drifting into sleep and a car will honk outside.

Man this is driving me up the wall. But I just... don't want to sleep.
I mean I WANT TO. But something in me is saying I shouldn't. The call I got earlier today has been running through my head all night.
Been trying to draw, or write to get it off my mind, but it doesn't work. Just bored, sitting here slowly driving myself into a small box of insanity. I'm sitting here talking to myself just to have something to do, to have some kind of human contact...

I need someone else besides myself to talk to, but I can't... talk to anyone. I don't know anyone here, and really at this point I'm sure I'd just scare people away. At least that just seems like whats going on recently.

More coffee is needed.


  1. Meditation is key.

    It helps if you have lots of cocaine as well.
    Not endorsing the usage and/or possession of illegal substances.
    Just sayin'.

    That shit will keep you AWAKE.

  2. Agent Wraith why is it that everytime you say something to me I have to say "Dammit he's right."
    Then again, it's probably not helping that I'm smoking POT to stay AWAKE. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

  3. If you delve too deep in shadows you may find yourself lost.
    Only some of us can walk in them.

    None of us are unscathed.

  4. Do the shadows ever let one have some peace and calmness is one's day? Because all I wanted to do was go outside and have my coffee and smoke in peace but they always have other plans for me.
    Right now drugs that keep me awake for day's sounds like a awesome idea :/

  5. and I meant "in" not "is"
    Sleep deprivation, oi...

  6. I sleep in short shifts, usually about 2-3 hours, up for eight, another 2-3 hours, etc. It takes some getting used to, but it's better than the uberman sleep schedule. But according to the polyphasic wiki, an irregular sleep cycle harkens back to our days as animals. I've also read that eight hours of sleep is a myth. That might be the ideal, but like any statistical "norm," it is arrived at by averaging data from a small sampling of the population.

  7. The only time I've ever slept more than four hous in a night normally has to do with me drinking or the such. I don't think I've ever had a 'normal' sleeping schedule, even as a kid which drove my mother up the wall, dad used it as bonding time to watch the news and south park late at night with me haha. But really I always though that anything over 6 hours of sleep could be bad for you, and I should know. I was doing alot of that before recently.

    Also, thanks for the reading material :D

  8. Eheheh! I can keep ya awake, girlie. You can talk to me. Been there done that, met all sorts of people! Can't scare me, no no no missus. Nothing you have done that I haven't done to myself by now.
    Y'know, by the end of it when you're all talked out one of us will be dead. Whatcha got to lose? Secrets, worries, and all that pent up frustration won't be known to anyone either way. ;)

    I like ya, chickie. We should play real soon. Maybe I'll leave this dump just for ya~

  9. Oh, looking for a buddy to talk to in the late night of sleeplessness? Or just someone to mess with? Really I'm always down for a good chat regardless and secrets?
    I don't have many of my own, just secrets for myself all I have is secrets of people I don't talk to anymore can't loose much there right? Haha.
    And if I end up dead I end up dead I guess, didn't plan on living much out of my 40's if I even made it to that age, had a plan on what I was going to do once I was tired with life and wanted to go out with a bang but I don't remember it much, something is a shotgun, drug dealers and a car.

    Well if you like me, why not talk to me I guess at least I won't argue with myself in the middle of the night over which brand of instant coffee taste better.

  10. Starting to like this here internet. I'll keep ya company, girlie. Maybe I'll replace Graves with ya, heh.

    Come by and visit you more often, pretty thing. Maybe I'll get luck, eheheh!

  11. Luck and me in the same area? Haha. That'd be new. Really if you being around me brings luck, fuck I'll staple you to me. Glad you enjoy the internet, made my life less bored, I tell you what.

    Aw you called me pretty :D
    Stop lying to me, haha.