Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Walking through a TRAITOR

I have spent all day in the woods trying to find any clues for Luc, my brother.

I would check in town, but there's no where that the cops or that the family hasn't already checked and to be truthful, I saw that coming. I walked outside this morning and looked at the forest that cover the mountains of the town and knew where I had to go.

Because that's where HE took him, isn't it? yousickfuck

I was out there for hours wandering aimlessly through the trees, going down paths, off paths even climbed up on of the biggest cliffs in town. I even went into an old bear cave. Gatta say I was lost there for a bit, until I hit the river that led to the old shack was out in the woods.

The shack, THAT place, you remember that place DON'T YOU?
ofcourseyoudo the end.. of my life was there, where it was taken.. from ME, by YOU.

Luc wasn't there... and I thought I, had looked in vain. That I was stupid to even try.

Until I turned around. And there YOU where. Staring at me, waiting, MOCKING ME.

I don't know why, I.. had this plan, if I saw HIM, even if he was 20ft away from me
i was going to jump him and beat the living evil from his stupid blank face until HE KILLED ME
but I couldn't
couldn't move

ijuststoodthere staring back, all my rage built up inside, boiling and breaking
I started to cry and scream, I started to throw everything I could pick up hoping something would cause him this same pain, but nothing, just hit him like nothing had ever...

Anyway. I heard something move behind me, I turned to see what it was and ended up with a fist in the jaw. Luckily I've been in too many fights for that to be a good knock out. I got a few hits in the the fucker myself before I was thrown to the ground like a ragdoll and beat on


I always go down with a fight, HE knows that... HE loves that.

I woke up, in my van with a splitting headache, a black eye and a nice swollen lip so all in all no damage done. But, Lucs headphones, and it iPod where in the seat next to me...

Please, just put him backplease

I know, you have someone read this, I know you have someone following me because you can't let go of your toys. But I said you could. I told you, a long time ago, I will be a toy, I will be a little playground that you can fuck with whenever you please. And you have, you do.

You havn't left me alone in YEARS, but I said they are to be left alone. The innocent and the oblivious in my family where to be untouched. You already took my father and my older brother.
I told you enough
I said enough, if you wanted them you had to KILL ME FIRST SO WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? WHY WOULD YOU LET ME KEEP GOING


please, just let him go...

he has no part in this. And if I have to bury someone else next to my father I swear...

The playground will close, this mouse will stop hiding and SHE WILL NOT MAKE THIS FUN FOR YOU OR ANY OF YOUR SICK LITTLE TWISTED FUCKS. I'll be bringing my shitstorm to you and boy oh boy will it be a storm.

Now, go get that brainless fuck of an errand boy to get off that lazy ass of his, get to work and get this shit done.
I'm waiting