Tuesday, December 28, 2010


There is three day's left until I celebrate a birthday.

I haven't really celebrated my birthday, ever.
Normally me and a few of my closest would sit around while becoming so intoxicated we could barely look at our own feet right.
Wonderful days.
Or I just never celebrated at all, because I was working.
Forgetful days.

So what is planned for me this year? Besides the obligatory family bombarding you with love and birthday wishes, and the cake that's so sugary it makes your teeth want to puke.

Those things will happen, yes I know, because I'm finally back home.
But all besides that I have no clue. There has been talk of taking me to the Nugget.
Ahh the Nugget. I'm sure that will be fun.
Drinking with women the age of my mother, watching as they become absolutely insane drunk and force me to dance with them to music that is very questionable.
But still, they want to celebrate my birthday, I'd just as well let them do so right? 
At least I'd get drinks. And won't much care about the events of the evening when they happen because I will be drunk.
Mind you I'm sure I'll have a random encounter with the man's son who owns the bar. Because he 'likes' me.

Oh my, I wonder what will happen.


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