Thursday, December 30, 2010



Not to bad of a day I must say. I mean really we normally celebrate my birthday TODAY, on new years, but today was great. I woke up and my computer had to tell me it was my birthday because I thought it was just a THURSDAY♥

Then I get a phone call from mother while she's at work, her and a fellow co-worker screamed happy birthday so the whole cafe could hear and then said she'd pick me up a present when she got home.
Two packs of smokes, some 'smokeables' and rum.
Which I have cracked into, and it is nicely dented ♥♥♥♥
Got socks too, which is sweet. I love socks.
Don't know why..
Just do.
Got 60$ from my uncle that I haven't seen in 14 years. Which was creepy but at least I know he's thinking about me.

Still creepy.
There's been constant knocking on the back door the past few days, three days really.
I'll go and stand next to the door and wait, the knocking will stop and I'll wait around, but it'll start up again when I'm sitting down. And then last night while I was on the phone I thought I had saw something move. I first thought it was a car on the street. But that would be impossible because the shadow was over the house below mine because we all live on hills.
Don't know why.

So I have come to the realizeation that since no one really watches me on this, and I'm using it more as a personal journal.
BTW doithinkweird?
SINCE I am using this more as a personal journal I'm going to record, write whatever I can and post it up here, and send this to people in case I feel like showing it. 

And just in case you have stumbled across here on random, journey with me I guess?


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