Monday, January 24, 2011


My phone is not working at ALL.
All you can hear is this obnoxiously loud, ear-drum melting static and tones.
And I don't know why. The phone jack has been working perfectly fine before.
Can't be the current random snow storm that came out of NOWHERE mostly because it was working when the storm was at it's worst.

The my TV is getting staticy and has been crapping out all day.
Again, don't know why. I've been watching DVD's and none of them had been damaged before...
AND, I sign in to check if I had any new comments, just to find that the most recent one made was deleted.
And so was my reply to him.

If that was you, your an ass.

If it wasn't... your still an ass, just now I'm a tad more spooked.
Today just feels like it's going to be a weird day...
And I don't want to be alone, I hope work doesn't close because of the storm.

I need out of here.

By the way I apologize if a comment you made was deleted, I don't know whats going on with that.


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