Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just some time

So I've done some digging.
A lot of digging. People have been disappearing all over the island.
 Not tons of people, and not a lot, but people are still disappearing.  And it seems like most of the cases have been a lot like what happened to me. Just up and gone from their home or work, all of their stuff is still left behind, cars, wallets, keys, nothing is gone.
Most of the people who have disappeared are around my age too.
So far there's been 5 missing people reports, and when I was asking Officer Robert (The officer I was talking to last time, I finally remembered his name) why he didn't tell me about it he said he was hoping I wouldn't have been the same kind of case because I was found the day after with nothing wrong.

But he did tell me he got a weird feeling about the whole thing, and he didn't want me digging any further into it. If anyone was going to solve this it would be the police.
I don't think I can just let this go.

It's all just too weird. The strange occurrences is just something I can't ignore.
The moment I moved back here, the disappearances began, and from the articles I read about the disappearances they have found those strange pieces of paper similar to what I found in my room.
If I can find some way to look at those  papers and compare them to mine I might be able to figure something out maybe..

I really don't know how I'd look at them. My guess is they're evidence now...
Ah, maybe I should just let the cops deal with it.
As strange as this may be for me there's nothing I could do that they already haven't I guess.
I need to lay down. I have a terrible headache, and mother seems to think I have a cold. Tea time.

Damn I want this to just make sense, it's bugging me too much.
I'm dreaming about it, I've bee seeing things.
I know it's just my head paying tricks on me.
But it's sort of hard to work when your running on 4 hours sleep.
Not fun.



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