Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missing the fun.

How does someone do these things? I never got the idea of blogging. Or writing a journal for yourself either. I'm not really expressive, or interesting. I remember everything I've ever done so why do I need to write a blog?

Specifically why am I on my friends blog, writing an entry on hers?

Because, I was given a password for a few accounts to a few things she want's me to help her out with, and she thinks me talking to something other than my cat is a good thing. She doesn't seem to remember all those late 2am talks with her. She got pretty philosophical. Emma not Hart. 
That's my cat by the way, Emma.

So, I guess you should all know me (Assuming anyone reads this besides Hart which she will possibly laugh at me very hard later for.)

I'm Pickles. Don't ask, long long story that I hae never had the urge to tell anyone.
I don't like pictures taken of myself.
I take lots of pictures of Emma though.
I don't sleep.
Me and Hart have known each other since Junior High.
I'm a pizza Delivery guy. (And I love it)
Why? Because I basically make anywhere from 200$-350$ on a slow night in tips. These are the perks of living in a big city. And I work a lot of overtime, and all I do is drive so it's not hard.
Just boring and quiet. The way I like it.

Now that is out of the way, I do have ulterior motives for writing this blog. I have work soon, and signed on to see Hart didn't reply to me on this either, or anything else.
Last night we got into a pretty big fight on the phone, and she hung up. I called back but she apparently went back to her apartment, so I asked her mom if she was acting weird at work since they work together, and her mom said she was normal, just tired and she ran off to the bathroom for a good 15 minutes before she came back.
I tried calling her house many, MANY times, and left messages. I left one here and on her twitter, and sent her a few e-mails but nothing.

So maybe a big ol' blog post showing her she's being childish will finally get her to answer her phone, or God help me I am calling Ivy and getting her to send your mom up to you! And I know how much you hate those two waking you up in the morning.

Now, pick up the phone, please?

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