Friday, January 14, 2011

This is what you do in your spare time?

Blogs? Your doing blogs now? HAHA. Nice girl nice at least you do SOMETHING while your lazing around on an island.
What the hell are you complaining about. BTW! How nice of you to message me a fucked up message and then scoot offline before I can ask you about it, then not three seconds later call me on the phone, ask me if I did it yet and I'm the one sitting there like an idiot.

Hey, say hi to mom for me, and since your working tonight try and get Rob to give you that big bag of liquor chocolates to send up to me. I didn't get enough for Christmas you scrooge.

OH! Another thing you little monster. I finally GOT it.
Thanks for the password, Now I'm going to have SO much more fun bugging you on the days off. 
And um, cute.

Real cute. Still mad at me? OH GOSH!
Well I made some adjustments and I think once I did it looks like quite the master piece.
Hey, want to get some coffee later?

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