Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awoke to a headache

4 days without sleep, worked two 13 and a half hour shifts two days in a row.
My dogs are barking and I just finished my nap. Anyone up for a foot massage?

Anyway. Started tripping BALLS last night walking home from work. Leaving the building I turned my head while I was grabbing at my lighter from my bag to light a smoke and I see this... white.. shape (????? really I have no CLUE what it was, I just saw something white) move behind the wall.
I went to look because I heard someone talking, and I see a guy standing 15ft away on a cell phone chatting. Couldn't have been him, he was wearing dark colours and he wouldn't have made it that far in such a short amount of time, only took me a second or two. If he ran I'm sure I would have heard an echo or footsteps or something.

So at that point I said fuck this I need a nap and waddled my sore ass home.
Of course I can't just walk home in peace, I have to walk by a trail.. lots of 'em, and trees in the night time is something I don't like. You can't see anything and that's got me paranoid all the time. So here I am walking home, seeing white figures and now hearing shit in the trees. I jogged home, telling myself it was just an animal, probably a coyote since they are big here and was just stalking me out. I got home and locked myself inside, drank coffee and sat in my room. I would have gone to sleep but the party next door had other plans for me too.

Glad I got a good nap in when I got home today, I really needed that. Didn't see shit today just...
A feeling of.. pressure. In my head, on my stomach and on my ribs too. Alot on my ribs, I should check to see if anything is messed up again. Last thing I need is a piece of my rib floating around my body again...

So.. not much else. Other than the insomnia getting worse, nothing much else.

Pretty boring really. Don't know if I like that much or not... most excitement I get now is sleep deprivation trip outs, and thats not exciting just... bad.

Smoke time. Fuck I'm glad I don't work today.


  1. You need one of those nice heavy flashlights that double as a weapon.

  2. Yeah, I had my keys tucked in my hands while I was going home. Got used to doing that after I got jumped a few times at a bus stop near my old place.
    I was originally thinking baseball bat but flashlight sounds much easier to carry around.