Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I feel ready to drop. First day of work was odd, but that could've just been me being overly tired, which I'm sure it was. Everyone was staring at me oddly so I thought maybe I was dressed weird, make up looked bad, hair a mess? No, everything looked normal. Everyone said I looked normal. Two guys that came in for lunch where nice enough, chatting me up on my first day (one was pretty cute) but still seemed... odd. The conversation was... odd.

Not that the topic was odd, we talked about the terrible rain that came out of nowhere, what desserts they wanted and the usual customer/waitress banter.

But the tone of it all just seemed.. odd.

Can't sleep a wink and I get paranoid, I see stuff, I think things are all going loopy and the world is twisting around me.

Or I sleep for a week at a time and have a total blackout moment for the whole thing and can't even remember going to the bathroom or drinking a glass of water. So what do I do? It's not like I can get on a regular sleeping schedule I've been trying, but nothing works. I can't even take a sleeping pill to do it anymore. I take it and lay in bed for 2 hours sit up and then start tripping BALLS for a few hours.

Then the sun is up and I STILL can't sleep. I just sit in my room all night doodling and talking to myself. Even now I can't even take a nap. MUH FUCKING MUH.

So I have an idea.

Anyone know a few good movies to watch? Something on the suspense/triller style with an actual good story or something. Or a comedy. I love a good laugh, anything to get me out of this rut.

Or an idea to draw? I've been pretty dry of a good drawing idea for a long while now. I mean I may not be able to put up the drawing until I get my hands on a scanner, or some kind of camera/webcam (maybe my camera will magicly appear) but if you have a few good idea's let me know.

If you have any good ideas for keeping my entertained and awake or to put me to sleep let me know.

Promise I won't delete the comments this time.

I'm not even going to TOUCH that delete/remove content button because both of them seem to delete everything on me fluffing dammit.


  1. Just to name a few good movies off the top of my head I'd have to say Seven, Shawshank Redemption, The fugitive and Pet Sematary. I hope that helps a bit.

  2. Seven and Shawshank where good, watched Seven to hell in a box though. Pet Semetary sounds good, can't remember if I watched The Fugitive... sounds familiar.
    Thanks :D

  3. You're welcome. If you ever need to find some good horror film I know quite a few so don't be afraid to ask.

  4. Oh thanks! I love a good horror movie, specially a zombies, paranormal, or a good murderer one. But yeah I'm always down to talk about movies, I'll send you a message if I can't think of anymore to watch haha.