Monday, September 19, 2011

Captains log, Star date: lol i watch startrek

Mind you, that title could be bad for what I'm writing about. But then again knowing Hart she'll... not care right now.

Pickles, I'm back.
Don't know how, but I am.
Went missing for awhile, a big reason for that actually. That fucking...

What you guys call it, Slender business?
Slenderman, whatever it is, if I never see that thing again it'll be too soon.

After Hart went on her little coma vacation, I was looking into some stuff she had sent me and other things. She had been getting e-mails and things had been popping up that was sending her off the deep end. Again. I was reading some of your blogs and the one's she followed, even checked out some things on YouTube. And guess what?

Thought it was all bullshit.
Though this was Hart's way of putting some bullshit reality into her mind to help her cope with what ever goes on in the brain of the crazy bitch. And you want to guess what else?

Turns out that bullshit, was real shit!

You guys know what it's like to wake up with some 10ft faceless fucker staring you down like Greeks on shitty salad? (Sorry I just hate salad...)

I found out!


How you all deal with this is beyond me really. I tried to hit it with the bat next to my bed, next thing I know I'm in my mom's kitchen so I thought I was having a drunk dream or something.

 Well the next thing I see after running down my bedroom hall is that fucker again. So I ran outside and locked myself in my car like a little bitch. I don't like this kind of excitement. I don't like excitement at all. Woke up up to my girlfriend knocking on the window, she had just gotten back from work and said she saw someone in the house who wasn't mom. So I said fuck everything, and ran into the house. No one was there but I still packed up and got the hell out after I left mom a message.

And I really fucked clean off. We went to my Uncles cabin in the next province, waaaaaay out in the wilderness and set up camp.

A week later I saw how stupid THAT was, as the fucker showed up there too, only this time we didn't really have anywhere to run. He showed up every night and being in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, so we live it out. Then from what I can gather, the night Hart's mom died was the night my girlfriend vanished, and I went into a Hart like coma.

Then I wake up outside a graveyard, getting pulling into a police station under suspicion of murder. Murder of two people I don't think I could ever have a bad feeling towards, two people I considered my own family...

Well, Hart isn't the only one upset about that. I don't think the shock really wore off until I was in the hospital. The nurse thought I was having a breakdown, fuck it felt like it. So she upped my meds and put me to sleep. It was the only sleep I've had since this all started, that was calm. That felt like I had actually slept. And as for what happened in the police cell. This happened at early in the morning, SUPER EARLY, I was asleep, but I felt something grab onto my throat and my first reaction was to scream, and I did. Holy fuck did I. Then I was hoisted into the air and soon after Scotty ran in and pulled me down.

Now I'm sitting in Harts van, typing on her cousins stolen computer while leeching wifi from a McDonalds while Hart runs off to get beer and smokes.

Life is so Grand.

I don't know if Hart will be on at all for awhile. She's... she's alot of things right now and I don't have ant words to discribe it. I've never seen her this bad before. She's having her nightmares again, but way worse. She's been staying awake as much as possible from what she's been telling me and it's drained her. 

No clue what to do from here, we're still trying to get a game plan set up. At least she's talking to me again.

 Capitan out.


  1. Both of you blacking out worries me because he has a tendency to control people in those moments they can't recall. I don't want to say that he's made Hart or you do anything, but he seems to get off on making people do the most horrible things to their closest loved ones, if you understand me. So be doubly careful now that you're together that he doesn't turn you on each other. I can' tell you what to do, but beer... does not sound like a good idea to me.

  2. Thanks for the concern, and yeah I understand. But they way things are right now, Hart having a few beer to keep her up for the night doesn't sound that bad of an idea to me. Actually it just may calm her down.

    What's got me more worried is she hasn't come back yet and the beer store is just down the road.