Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I really hate this town.

It's boring as fuck, it's cold as fuck, it's windy as fuck and no body want's to fuck.

Last one there was a joke, anyway.
Still here. I got a bit scared when Hart didn't come back right away. Okay so she was gone fore an hour. Turns out she was talking to a friend of her's at the store.

Not really friend I guess. She knows A LOT of people, so she stops to talk to be courteous I guess. Well she stood there for 20 minutes listening to the lady talk about her kids, something about her being pregnant again after already having one. And on her way back she thought she was being followed, kept seeing something move in the corner of her eye.

Now, what she didn't tell me is apparently this town is pretty rough most nights, lots of muggings and getting jumped around the bars. Well she thought it was one of Faceless little friends (as she put it) and smashed her six pack in his face, then crawled on top of him and continued.


All in all, turned out it was just a mugger. So what does she do? Does what she does best, kicked him in the face and mugged him! :D
Really, you should have seen her in high school, I mean she was calm and all, really laid back and she gave little reason for anyone to really pick on her, but if one person tried, and took it too far... she was fucking nuts.

Well the guy had like, a 10$ bill on him so we got some gas and putted off as far as we could to the next town. As we didn't have enough gas to get there in the first place, and the rest of our 15$ went to smokes and booze (Which she save like.. 3 of from breaking on his face) we had to get out and push our way to the next town. Which was hard and we gave up after an hour and went to sleep.

Well I did she woke up screaming after 20 minutes then stayed up being paranoid and staring out the window. Morning broke and we where able to flag down someone who could tow us into town. That took a long time, and in itself was a long shot, guess we've just had luck the passed two days. Now we sit outside a WAL-MART with a McDonalds that has free wifi. Only problem now is money.

We where going to camp out in the last town, because she said someone there in town would have given her a job to stock shelves everynight that we where there, but when she knocked out buddy she just got... weird again so we had to go on.

Not fun, but we're going hunting for can's tomorrow, livin like bums. Ughh.

EDIT: By the way, been reading over that Gallow tree guy and a few others Hart here has become some kind of... anyway. You guys are messed... no wonder she's been having nightmares. :\
Not saying all of you, just the one's like him.


  1. Gallow is a pretty fun guy. Not only will he always lend a hand, but he'll give you them too!

  2. Heh, mugged the mugger. But he'll think twice in the future. Seems Hart and I have a bit more in common... People who picked on me as a kid also lived to regret it, but I was more apt to defend the few friends I had, which usually ended up with me suspended, the bully beat, and the friend abandoning me.

  3. @Anarchist Haha, yea he is a pretty interesting fellow, Pickles just has another opinion haha.

    @Mystery Mugged that mugger like my BITCH. But I don't like that they'd leave you over that. :C Friends need to love the small stuff, even the bad stuff if you feel it necessary to crack someone that deserves it in the face. Your doing it for them dammit! Haha, still, felt great to get that out of me.