Sunday, September 25, 2011

Really wish I had more time

To read everyones updates.
Really, I do, I took an odd solace in reading them, gave me a moment of peace for some reason.
Granted mixed with other emotions, still...

Anyway, I thought I'd update, been a few days and really I haven't had the mind let alone any urge to post anything, too much going on in my head. It's hard just trying to sort through it all, but then it all still seems so jumbled.
Where to go next? What am I doing?


Blares randomly, everytime it tunes to a country station, doesn't even matter if I have a cassette in or not.
Doesn't matter if I change it to a different station. Before I wrote it off because that was the only station in town but now.

Fuck even in the van? In my own fucking stereo?

I can't sleep, don't wanna eat. The paranoia alone is giving me more nightmares than usual.
OH, not getting started on those.

We where able to get a good sum of money saved up, moving to a new town soon, maybe I won't stop for a looong time, I just can't handle being stalked and scouted out for HIM.


Started to think this was stupid, and just let it go. Go back to being, the obedient little, quiet mouse I am. But then I find a random flyer on a light post.

Guess what it said.

"nO where to run NO where to GO, got 2, three left tX gX"

three left to go?

Fuck this fuck this fuck this

What the hell do I do
Gah, I'm going to start driving, I have alot to think about...